Monthly Archives: June 2016

Linda Wright Radio Appearance!

Page Publishing author, Linda Wright, made an appearance on Juneau Afternoon to promote her book signing. Great job Linda! If you'd like to check out her interview, please follow this link. Pick up your copy of Fun on the Farm at your local bookstore or...
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Great Book Signings!

Check out these wonderful photos from Antonette Smith's and Jason Cecil's recent book signing events. Pick up a copy of The Real Antonette Come Forth and Hiding in Familiar Territory at your local bookstore or online. Read more

Promotion Across the Pond!

Congratulations to Katherine M. Gardner! Gardner's book, Ollie and Scout The Cat's Meow has been featured in the Summer release of The Cat magazine. The Cat magazine is the official supporter of Cats Protection, the United Kingdom's leading feline charity. The Cat is distributed to...
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