La Vida En Berlin

Elizabeth is a young woman who lives in Argentina until unexpectedly a very dear aunt in Germany dies. This is the reason why she decides to move to Berlin, to change the direction of her life. When she arrives in the country, she is contacted by a lover of the aunt who tells her about the existence of a company, the place where the deceased worked, so that she will find a job there. It is a company that is responsible for the manufacture of art objects with customized designs. The executive president of the company, Paula, when she knows her studies, her experience, and her skills, hires Elizabeth to work in the company. She didn't arrive alone in Germany. Her sister Manuela comes with the purpose of reaching her ambitions to be rich and live a luxurious life in the new city. She is hired later with the help of Elizabeth to work too.

The arrival of the deceased's niece feeds a secret conspiracy of the American investor Tammy Taylor to obtain the position occupied by Paula. For her bad luck, she's discovered by Manuela, who decides to blackmail her in exchange for a better position. As a result of the trap, the president unjustly enters prison while in her absence, Elizabeth ends up falling in love with the company's lawyer and Paula's boyfriend, Leonhard, inevitably having a hidden affair.

--Eric Labrador

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